Who am I?

An actor, singer, yoga instructor, French cooking enthusiast, lover of baseball & college football, die-hard KISS fan, theater geek, dreamer…not always in that order.

Old school Kiss fan
Why acting? 

Where else would this goofy kid end up? I was quirky. I had a lively imagination. And, while I tended to be very quiet at school (always have been an introvert), if you got me in my element I had very little shame and was pretty fearless at play. Then, there was KISS! They were loud. They were larger than life. Gene Simmons scared the crap out of me. They were the coolest thing that I had ever seen or heard in my life, and I decided that when I grew up, I wanted to do something as big and crazy and cool as they did. I didn’t become a rock star though. Instead, I found the theater.

What excites me?

I love telling stories, and the stage is where I feel most at home. I am particularly drawn to projects that explore our brokenness as human beings and the struggle to find meaning, worth, and beauty in the midst of all the imperfection. My passions are musical and classical theater, but I also love the intimacy of contemporary plays and the excitement of developing new work.

How would I cast myself?

Midwestern nice by default but with a sassy side as well. Careful and calculated one minute, silly and adventurous the next. Sometimes quiet but certainly no shrinking violet, particularly when I feel strongly about something. I tend to bring a dichotomy to any role that I play. Equal parts sweet and spark, gentleness and fire, velvet and steel.

Away from the stage?

I enjoy life in Cleveland with my husband and our four-legged kids…a dog and a cat. Aside from the interests listed above, I enjoy traveling, reading, writing, curating my shoe collection, and brushing up on my French.